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It’s Friday, my darlings!

28 May

It is nearly time to welcome in the Memorial Day Holiday Weekend! 

It’s long, work is non-existent and the weather should be beautiful.  

I will be heading to Chicago with The Judge and puppies in tow to spend the weekend with my lovely family.  A party has been planned for Sunday, and if I’m a lucky girl, Saturday will be spent hiking at Starved Rock with my mommy.  As for the rest of today and this evening?  Lots of driving followed by dinner with my Grandpa! 

If you’re there and related to me, I can’t wait to see you! 

If you won’t be where I am, I wish you have the best and most relaxing of holiday weekends. 

Do tell, what are you plans?

Cheers, my lovelies!


A Wedding Announcement!

28 May

No, not mine, silly.   Married already.  See also: Judge, The. 

A blogger I love posted her wedding announcement in celebration of her anniversary.  It was written by her husband, The Country Doctor, and it is absolutely hilarious.   

A short selection:

“Escorting the lovely bride were her strong but reluctant parents, Harrison and Martha Bishop. Goodland. Looking relieved, Joe and Rita Malin of Plainville presented their son, the groom.”

Read the whole thing on Rechelle’s lovely site.

The Red Velvet Cake Adventure

27 May

It won’t get crossed off the list.  Even though I documented every step for this here blog (Over 90 pictures!!)  But in the end, it wasn’t perfect.  And that was the requirement for list crossing-off.  Perfect. 

Don’t get me wrong.  It wasn’t terrible. 

In fact, it was quite good.  Yummy, even. And the layers were level!

But in the end, the frosting wasn’t right.  Too buttery, not smooth enough. 

I don’t think the Judge and his parents were too put out about eating my ‘mistake’ though. 

So, we try try again.  With PERFECT frosting this time. 

It’s a start

26 May

Y’all, I had my official weigh-in today!  And I am down a total of 9.8lbs since starting the Alternate Day Calorie Restriction on May 4th.  AND I’m down 13.3 since calorie counting in late March.  Yay me! 

Not eating every other day is difficult.  But working!


Quite a Deal

26 May

My friend S. introduced me to (and I have since fallen in love with) Groupon.   So awesome.   Daily offers on things that I’d probably do anyway.  Like half-price tickets to ComedySportz.  And today’s deal, $30 gift certificates to Vito Provolone’s, a most delicious Italian restaurant on the southside. 

The cool thing is that the deals are usually at least 50% off.  So today’s deal for Vito’s?  Only cost me $15.   The Judge and I go there all the time anyway, so I bought two!  So, for 30 bucks out of pocket, I’ve got $60 to spend.   Up day Italian food, here I come.