#27 – A Grand and Loving Gesture

14 May

Let’s talk about something more fun, shall we?  Nobody cares about somebody else’s diet. 

So #27 is something else I cribbed from mightygirl.com.  “Make a habit of grand and loving gestures.”  Which is good for a life list, but for a year list, I decided that I should just make one and make it a doozy. So, a grand and loving gesture for the Judge, it is. 

But I’m stumped as to what to do.  He’s the best and I put him through the ringer a lot.  He deserves a big way for me to say thank you and I adore you. 

What should it be?  A different baked good a week, for a year?  A surprise trip?  I’ll keep thinking, but this one is going to be hard.


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