14 May

So, do you have any suggestions for the list?

Something you wish you had done / plan to do by thirty?


2 Responses to “Q:”

  1. Michele Gossen May 14, 2010 at 1:36 pm #

    Great idea Kitty. My wish is to be more patient and to give up some control. I wish I had understood that we really need to just step back
    and let God guide our lives. It is when you are struggling against things that the unhappiness or discontentment comes in. It took me
    until recently to be able to just trust and be happy with what is… and truly am.

  2. Amy Wilson May 15, 2010 at 9:31 am #

    This is awesome, Kitty! My suggestion, as a nurse, is to add to your list to eat at least one serving of fruits/veggies to your diet everyday. Have you tried V8 fruit fusion? Tastes really good, like fruit juice and has 5 servings of fruits, veggies, in a glass. Suggested it to J, who is also not a veggie person (I’m not either), and he liked it! Anywho, I’m the last person to give diet advice bc I don’t do this myself, but, I’m a nurse, and like the doctor, a lot of it is to give advice we know is right even if it’s hard and we (or our loved one’s) don’t follow it. I suggest you get a new OB/GYN, perhaps a DO instead of an MD. They are trained more holistically and prevention, and may have more advice besides Just Do It!

    Wilson/Gossen/Lennon girls? I know Mickey told me she’d like to go to the gambling boats this summer. I also would like to try it. I’ve been once, but it was with a certain person that at the time was sober, and like a lot of things it wasn’t really that fun with him! Anyway, I was also thinking that maybe we could have a Wilson/Gossen/Lennon biggest loser contest? I’m very competitive and I know it keeps me on the right path if I’m competing. Anyway, just my musings! Good Luck, I love You!!!!

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