Your Chance to Boss Me Around

18 May

The List is far from perfect and I’m still in the process of tweaking and perfecting, and I could use your help.  There are a number of items that I don’t LOVE on my list. 

Take #7 – Host a Dinner Party, for example.  It’s something I’ve done before and just not that darn exciting.  Sure, hostessing is something I like to do, but is having a dinner party really list-worthy?

Or #13 – Be outside more.  It seems list-worthy, but it’s not very quantifiable.  What’s more?  When have I been outside more enough to cross it off the list? 

What about #12 – Eat at our favorite BBQ Diner with my In-Laws?  The name of the place is the Smokehouse on Shelby and it’s delish.  But in the next year? We will probably go there anyway, probably more than once.  So if I want a list item that has something to do with the family I married into, should it be something new and different?

So weigh in for me.  

What should I eliminate and do you have suggestions for what I should replace it with? 

Feel free to choose more than one.

I’d be happy to explain more about why these particular items are iffy, just ask!


One Response to “Your Chance to Boss Me Around”

  1. asunw May 19, 2010 at 9:16 am #

    I’ve been trying to determine what to write here but I just don’t know. I agree with your reasoning on hosting a dinner party but if you love it then do it. Also puppies that don’t get being housebroken makes that one really hard and although its something that will make your life me peaceful and less stressful (I’m assuming)because you can come home to a clean house its really about the pups and not about you. Although it relates to have carpets so clean they sparkle.

    I guess I just don’t know!

    The one I marked to take off though is “Be outside more” because you have lots of other ones that cover this, like spending a day at GJ pool(which I totally want to do with you!), hiking at starved rock, and jumping into a pile of crinkly fall leaves.

    PS I’m going to see Grampa this weekend and its going to be beautiful, what can we do outside near his house?

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