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A Tragedy that Isn’t Yours

29 Jan

A family member of mine miscarried today.  Or lost the baby.  Or whatever you want to call it.  She was already 18 weeks along, so nearly halfway there.  This was a second child they wanted desperately and not her first loss.

It’s an incredibly sad thing.

(And now to make it about me….)

What do you do in a situation like this?  We aren’t that close, but at the same time, I was probably one of the first people to know.  She lives … not close, so I can’t just pop on by with a casserole.  Flowers aren’t appropriate and neither is a sympathy card.  But it’s terrible and I want to help, do something to let her know I care.  Because I care, very much.  I feel heartbroken for her.

(And now more about me….)

Randomly, this is emotionally tough for me.  Why, heaven knows.  Our situations couldn’t be more different.  But there’s this weird infertility thing that’s eating at me.  Not to mention a feeling of …something, because her grief will be real, tangible and shared by others.  My grief for my thing is … not. 


Edit!  – I realized that this was categorized under Weight Loss – how ironically cruel is that.  Jeez, me.  Pay attention to your categories.


It’s Friday, my Darlings!

28 Jan

Plans for your weekend?

Mine is quiet, other than a terrible need for some personal grooming.  Ewwww, no. Not that kind of personal grooming.  I just need my bangs trimmed and a manicure.  Jeez.  Dirty mind.

I’d like to do a little car shopping, maybe finally bake a lovely loaf of bread, sleep in at least once and accomplish at least one small project for Casa de Conner.

As for evening plans tonight and tomorrow, that’s a bit up to Mr Conner, I suppose.  Dinner and drinks will be had, as always.   It is Devour Downtown this weekend in Suburban Crapovia, so perhaps a fancy $30 dinner is in our future?

Enjoy your weekend, my lovlies!  Have a martini for me.

Save Me Cheesus – It’s Only January.

28 Jan

I can’t make up my mind on 2011.  It’s just been this odd mix of incredibly terrible (car-totaling accident) and kind of awesome (ins co is paying back more than what I paid for the car).

Also conflicting in Twenty-Eleven?

  1. I’ve been really happy with the work we’ve gotten done on Chateau de Conner, but frustrated we probably won’t have the massive funding to do everything I want to do this year.
  2. Physically, I feel fat, unhealthy and horrible, but appearance-wise, I’m loving my hair, makeup, etc.
  3. Socially, I just want to be a pajama-clad lump on my couch and have done plenty of that.  Yet we’ve been to a party or two, entertained at home and been out with friends.
  4. At work I’ve been kicking ass, and yet totally checking out.  Frequently.  I am writing a blog-post right now….

So I just don’t know.  Seems to be a terrible karmic invitation to declare that 2011 is going to be a crappy year but so far it hasn’t been easy either.

So, in the spirit of  ‘Acting Like You Want to Feel’, let’s simply christen 2011 the Year of the SeeSaw.  Up and down, but always lots of fun.

God, that sounds exhausting….

Yo Mama

27 Jan

Best Facebook post ever.   Some highlights:

Your mama’s so fat, her patronus is a cake.

Your mama’s so fat, she has to apparate in sections.

Your mama’s so ugly, her Room of Requirement is the inside of a paper bag.

Your mama’s so smelly, her spot on the Maurader’s Map is scratch and sniff.

Your mama’s so fat, the Sorting Hat put in the House of Pancakes.

Your ‘No Crap’ Headline Of the Day

26 Jan

Sources: Loughner surfed Internet to prepare (Source: WaPo)

Really? No foolin’?  Someone did their research on that there Internet machine?  The found information they were looking for … online?  Some asshole must have been hogging the microfiche reader, eh?