Confessions & A Little HS French

26 Jan

No, I don’t have one por vous, I  just have thoughts about the concept.

They say that confession is good for the soul.  That if you confess your sins, your misdeeds, you’ll be born anew, will feel refreshed.

This, mes bons amie, is bullshit.  Merde, if you prefer.

Yes, you will feel better.  But guess who doesn’t?  The person you’re confessing to.  You aren’t unburdened, jerk,  you just transferred that weight to someone else.  Sometimes, part of making (and LEARNING FROM) bad choices is the fact that you’re stuck with the knowledge of your bad choice.

PS – Totally unrelated?  I have totally forgotten most of my high school French.  Basically the only thing that has stuck is what I learned in the français-only immersive  summer camp for nerds at Large Midwestern University.  That I took when I was 13.


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