Save Me Cheesus – It’s Only January.

28 Jan

I can’t make up my mind on 2011.  It’s just been this odd mix of incredibly terrible (car-totaling accident) and kind of awesome (ins co is paying back more than what I paid for the car).

Also conflicting in Twenty-Eleven?

  1. I’ve been really happy with the work we’ve gotten done on Chateau de Conner, but frustrated we probably won’t have the massive funding to do everything I want to do this year.
  2. Physically, I feel fat, unhealthy and horrible, but appearance-wise, I’m loving my hair, makeup, etc.
  3. Socially, I just want to be a pajama-clad lump on my couch and have done plenty of that.  Yet we’ve been to a party or two, entertained at home and been out with friends.
  4. At work I’ve been kicking ass, and yet totally checking out.  Frequently.  I am writing a blog-post right now….

So I just don’t know.  Seems to be a terrible karmic invitation to declare that 2011 is going to be a crappy year but so far it hasn’t been easy either.

So, in the spirit of  ‘Acting Like You Want to Feel’, let’s simply christen 2011 the Year of the SeeSaw.  Up and down, but always lots of fun.

God, that sounds exhausting….


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