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A Tragedy that Isn’t Yours

29 Jan

A family member of mine miscarried today.  Or lost the baby.  Or whatever you want to call it.  She was already 18 weeks along, so nearly halfway there.  This was a second child they wanted desperately and not her first loss.

It’s an incredibly sad thing.

(And now to make it about me….)

What do you do in a situation like this?  We aren’t that close, but at the same time, I was probably one of the first people to know.  She lives … not close, so I can’t just pop on by with a casserole.  Flowers aren’t appropriate and neither is a sympathy card.  But it’s terrible and I want to help, do something to let her know I care.  Because I care, very much.  I feel heartbroken for her.

(And now more about me….)

Randomly, this is emotionally tough for me.  Why, heaven knows.  Our situations couldn’t be more different.  But there’s this weird infertility thing that’s eating at me.  Not to mention a feeling of …something, because her grief will be real, tangible and shared by others.  My grief for my thing is … not. 


Edit!  – I realized that this was categorized under Weight Loss – how ironically cruel is that.  Jeez, me.  Pay attention to your categories.


It’s Friday, my Darlings!

28 Jan

Plans for your weekend?

Mine is quiet, other than a terrible need for some personal grooming.  Ewwww, no. Not that kind of personal grooming.  I just need my bangs trimmed and a manicure.  Jeez.  Dirty mind.

I’d like to do a little car shopping, maybe finally bake a lovely loaf of bread, sleep in at least once and accomplish at least one small project for Casa de Conner.

As for evening plans tonight and tomorrow, that’s a bit up to Mr Conner, I suppose.  Dinner and drinks will be had, as always.   It is Devour Downtown this weekend in Suburban Crapovia, so perhaps a fancy $30 dinner is in our future?

Enjoy your weekend, my lovlies!  Have a martini for me.

Confessions & A Little HS French

26 Jan

No, I don’t have one por vous, I  just have thoughts about the concept.

They say that confession is good for the soul.  That if you confess your sins, your misdeeds, you’ll be born anew, will feel refreshed.

This, mes bons amie, is bullshit.  Merde, if you prefer.

Yes, you will feel better.  But guess who doesn’t?  The person you’re confessing to.  You aren’t unburdened, jerk,  you just transferred that weight to someone else.  Sometimes, part of making (and LEARNING FROM) bad choices is the fact that you’re stuck with the knowledge of your bad choice.

PS – Totally unrelated?  I have totally forgotten most of my high school French.  Basically the only thing that has stuck is what I learned in the français-only immersive  summer camp for nerds at Large Midwestern University.  That I took when I was 13.

It’s Friday, my darlings!

11 Jun

This weekend is busy for me.  Good busy, not bad surgery busy like last weekend.   This evening is the Italian Street Festival.  Tomorrow, the Kidney Foundation Walk with my mother-in-law followed by a birthday party for a friend.  Sunday though?  I have nothing planned.  Sounds heavenly. 

So, what about you?  Is it humid and awful where you are too? 

Enjoy your days off, lovelies.  See you on the flipside.   

A Recap and No Hiking

1 Jun

Did you all enjoy your Memorial Day holiday?  I had a lovely weekend, I must say.  Sunburn?  Check.  Family time? Check.  Mojitos by the pool? Double check-plus.  List items?  Not even close. 

In my defense, Starved Rock was only going to happen with my mom.  And due to unforseen circumstances (not to mention heat and exhaustion) hiking was just not in her lifeplan this weekend. 

Onwards and upwards!

Despite my Friday resolution to myself to do so, I took exactly two photographs.  TWO!  This simply will not do.  (And let’s be honest, the more purty pictures?  The fewer words I have to write.  And you have to read.) 

Aren’t peonies the most gorgeous things? 

Both arrangements courtesy of my Grandfather’s yard, a pair of clippers, Grandmother’s vintage vases and a bit of messing around by yours truly.

The second arrangement needed more work. Which I decided after I took the photo.  So I futzed with it.  It was beautiful. And then promptly neglected to take anymore photos the rest of the weekend. 

So, other than taking more photos (which, I will do, so help me Jeebus), I’m trying to decide what list item I should tackle next.  I have a full and short workweek and surgery on Friday.  Thoughts?  If and when I have any of my own, I’ll be sure to keep you most apprised of the situation.