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My Tara

4 Feb

I’ve got an addiction and much like HGTV-itis,  it’s hard to shake.

This. I love this website.

And how could you not?  Thousands and thousands of homeplans!  All searchable, sortable, dreamable.  It’s so very much fun to sort through, look for fantasy houses that you’ll never even come close to owning or the houses you might actually build.

My unrealistic dream home?

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Isn’t she beautiful?  There is nothing about this house I don’t love.  The design, the glorious columns, the sunken living room, the separated upstairs bedrooms, the first floor master.  With a huge landscaped pool in the back?  And a lovely circular drive out front?  Mama wants.

Mama does not want to dust that, though.

More realistically, I gravitate towards long, low ranches with formal dining rooms and space for an office.  If I ever find the PERFECT one, I’ll be sure to post.


Once Upon a Time…

21 May

…there was a spoiled not-so-little girl.  And this not-so-little girl discovered a magical place.  On the Internet.  And this magical place was ruled by a magical designer.  And the girl thought to herself. 

“When I grow up, I’m going to win the lottery and make this man design and furnish my entire house.  And give me one of everything on his website.”  

Alas, this was never to be.  Silly girl. 

The End. 

The Perfect Pendant