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Today, I Am Here

3 Jun

I am out of the office and this is where I get to be.


A Recap and No Hiking

1 Jun

Did you all enjoy your Memorial Day holiday?  I had a lovely weekend, I must say.  Sunburn?  Check.  Family time? Check.  Mojitos by the pool? Double check-plus.  List items?  Not even close. 

In my defense, Starved Rock was only going to happen with my mom.  And due to unforseen circumstances (not to mention heat and exhaustion) hiking was just not in her lifeplan this weekend. 

Onwards and upwards!

Despite my Friday resolution to myself to do so, I took exactly two photographs.  TWO!  This simply will not do.  (And let’s be honest, the more purty pictures?  The fewer words I have to write.  And you have to read.) 

Aren’t peonies the most gorgeous things? 

Both arrangements courtesy of my Grandfather’s yard, a pair of clippers, Grandmother’s vintage vases and a bit of messing around by yours truly.

The second arrangement needed more work. Which I decided after I took the photo.  So I futzed with it.  It was beautiful. And then promptly neglected to take anymore photos the rest of the weekend. 

So, other than taking more photos (which, I will do, so help me Jeebus), I’m trying to decide what list item I should tackle next.  I have a full and short workweek and surgery on Friday.  Thoughts?  If and when I have any of my own, I’ll be sure to keep you most apprised of the situation.

Take a Hike

24 May

This weekend’s hike was courtesy of the downtown Indianapolis Canal Walk.  

As always, my partner in crime was R., my lovely mother-in-law. 


We went Saturday, mid-morning.  The weather was perfect and healthy post-walk snacks were had.  

 And we saw this adorable creature:

Isn’t she the most interesting colored duck you’ve seen?  We met a couple along the path and they were quite familiar with the odd-duck.  They had apparently seen her as a duckling last year.  She has  three odd siblings, and four of the normal shade.  

When we met the couple, they were admiring one of the odd-color siblings and her new flock of babies.  All of whom were normal duck color!   But according to the bikers, the location that they were swimming and preening was the same location the Odd-Ducks grew up last year.  So amazing that she returned ‘home’!

 Never have I seen such fat, happy, well-fed ducks then at the Canal.

If you're ever in Indy, I cannot recommend the Canal enough for a fun stroll.

Take a Hike

18 May

Sunday, my lovely mother-in-law went with me to Eagle Creek Park.   Though the weather was cool and damp, we spent a bit of the afternoon hiking through the words and along Lilly Lake.   

Just a small step towards #13 – Be Outside More.   


A path for wandering