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Your Chance to Boss Me Around

18 May

The List is far from perfect and I’m still in the process of tweaking and perfecting, and I could use your help.  There are a number of items that I don’t LOVE on my list. 

Take #7 – Host a Dinner Party, for example.  It’s something I’ve done before and just not that darn exciting.  Sure, hostessing is something I like to do, but is having a dinner party really list-worthy?

Or #13 – Be outside more.  It seems list-worthy, but it’s not very quantifiable.  What’s more?  When have I been outside more enough to cross it off the list? 

What about #12 – Eat at our favorite BBQ Diner with my In-Laws?  The name of the place is the Smokehouse on Shelby and it’s delish.  But in the next year? We will probably go there anyway, probably more than once.  So if I want a list item that has something to do with the family I married into, should it be something new and different?

So weigh in for me.  

What should I eliminate and do you have suggestions for what I should replace it with? 

Feel free to choose more than one.

I’d be happy to explain more about why these particular items are iffy, just ask!