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One, Two …. Eleventy! Eleventy Annoying Things. Hah Hah Hah Hah.

7 Feb

It Is A Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day.

You’ve been notified.  Officially.   Twinkies, Ginger Ale and Cheetos should be sent my way.

Not in any serious or concrete way.  Just in small, annoying, hurtful ways.

I hurt myself walking the dogs.  LadyBlog is in the midst of a major design overhaul and is waaaay buggy.  The lunch I brought is terrible. My hair is funny. My makeup is sliding off.  My contacts wouldn’t go in.  I’m not getting crap done at work. A blogger I won’t mention by name had an entire post about how it’s not fair that people think she’s perfect, because of course she’s not perfect, just mostly.  And  it’s only because she gets to be a SAHM for religious reasons and has hours of time to spend on her writing and photography.  Which is why it is perfect, unlike those busy moms who don’t. Which is just fine, of course.  They shouldn’t feel bad. Or try to compare themselves to her perfection.

(No, that last thing didn’t strike a major nerve, or anything. Why do you ask? )

(Okay, I was actually going to do a whole post about just that last thing, but I’d feel weird about not linking to it and I don’t want to do that.)

I hope it gets better.  It will get better.

Eventually it will be 5 o’clock and cocktails fix anything.


I Can’t Spell

2 Feb

I can’t, it’s true.   I am a terrible speller with terrible handwriting.

(Tangent: When I was a kid and reading the Little House series, I always  worried that if I was ever teleported back to the late 1800’s, I’d never get through school.  Because rote spelling and perfect ornate handwriting was very important.  And Laura would win all the spelling bees and Ma and Pa Ingalls would be so disappointed in me.  And I could never be a teacher, like Laura.  And then I’d be a complete failure at The Pioneer Life.  Which would make me mean and hateful like Nelly.)

(God, I was a dumb kid.)

Anyway, I am bad at spelling and if you ever get a handwritten note from me, good luck reading it.    But, in spite of these faults, I try to be a good writer.  Even casually writing, emails, texts, internet comments.   And I know something’s wrong when I see it, even if I don’t know what ‘right’ might be.

(Tangent..again: I do, however, have an irrational love for some of today’s weird internet/text-speak driven abbreviations.  BTW, WTF, OMGWTFBBQ, etc.  And I doubly love those abbreviations sounded out.  Like recent post title BTDubs or my current favorite ‘less than three you’.  Think about it…….funny, right?)

Onwards!  Inspite of my failings, or perhaps because I have to try so very hard to correct them, I get ANGRY at the weirdest spelling/grammar issues that others make.

Today’s pet peeve? Voila!  It is not, nor ever will be ‘wah-lah’  or ‘waalaa’ or anything else.  It is a French exclamation and it is VOILA.  Goddamn it.

Your ‘No Crap’ Headline Of the Day

26 Jan

Sources: Loughner surfed Internet to prepare (Source: WaPo)

Really? No foolin’?  Someone did their research on that there Internet machine?  The found information they were looking for … online?  Some asshole must have been hogging the microfiche reader, eh?



The LadyBlog

25 Jan

So there’s this rather popular blog aimed at women that is a part of a pretty famous media empire. Perhaps you know of it. Perhaps you are a regular reader. Perhaps you are a regular commenter, a starred one, even. I’m all of those, and have been for years.

When I was just a young LadyBlog virgin, it was a daily source of knowledge, enjoyment, enlightenment. The commenters were smart, wickedly sharped tongued and I was scared to death of them.  Scared of looking like an idiot, scared I was never EVER going to be as clever and well-informed.  The LadyBlog taught me things, things about the world, things about myself.  Made me unafraid of feminism, made me respect the power of women.

And so the days passed, reading every day, finally commenting, enduring and participating in countless memes (leg hugs, anyone?), shitstorms that raged and petered out, new beloved commenters, old favorites who bounced in fits of dissatisfaction, redesigns, new features, new editors, star-cullings.   New, unaffiliated-but affiliated websites (Harpyness, anyone?), the great Tumblr revolution, and finally, that great sign you’ve finally made it, the critical, shit-talking counter-blogs (STFUladyblog, anyone?).

And now?  I’m just fucking tired.  I feel like I’ve read it all.  I feel like I’ve been stuck in the same sorority house for years with a bunch of bitches I used to love, but we’ve lived together for so long that not only have I heard all of their good stories twice, but I’ve had to deal with one too many drunken nights on the bathroom floor.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll keep reading.  This isn’t a public Super-Bounce, but I’m tired.  I’m a little sad that LadyBlog has gotten to this place, that the commenters went from awesome to just regular girls, that our favorite Librarian-Moderator is gone and that Doll-Editor continues to post about fashion.  I miss News at 10, I miss witty SJs.   I’m sad that what is popular, what makes LadyBlog successful, has to play to the lowest common denominator.